Cubiculum arises from the intersection between complementary universes.

Joana Correia is a trained architect. She has always been interested in Interior Design, and therefore developed her professional activity in that area, as a project team coordinator and manager. “I was always interested in the object and its design, the plastic potential of materials.” From the personal experience of contacting with artists, she gained the freedom of sight, essential for the work to be surprising and the challenge to be fulfilled, at the end.

Álvaro Roquette usually designates himself as “Home Dresser” and not as a formal interior designer: he dresses homes, gives them souls, and above all creates environments to be lived. With a wide experience in interior design projects in Portugal and worldwide, nowadays he lives between Lisbon and Paris.
From his activity as antiquarian, he developed the taste for seeking throughout the world little wonders he calls desire objects!

They are not driven by fashion. They seek inspiration in conversations with the Customer and in the architectonic space. By using the chosen materials and objects, they intend to tell a story, which will necessarily be unique and personal.